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Tune Talk Tone Excel WOW Referral Program

Kuala Lumpur - 5 May 2010 – Network Marketing Company
Tone Excel Sdn Bhd Has Launched An Innovative Membership
Programme That Focuses On Prepaid Mobile Service Provided
By The Country’s Newest Telco Tune Talk.

Called the WOW! Mobile Community Programme, it seeks
to recruit members who will help promote and market
the WOW! membership and earn attractive income via an
exciting incentive programme.

“Tune Talk is constantly looking for new ways to explore
opportunities with strategic partners. Tone Excel gives
us a unique insight in to a new and interesting channel
and we welcome their involvement in what we expect to be a
long term success,” said Jason Lo, CEO of Tune Talk.

To become a member of the programme, one just needs to
purchase a WOW! starter pack that retails at RM70 each.
It comes with RM38 preloaded Tune Talk airtime and RM100,000
personal accident insurance coverage .

A WOW! member then gets to enjoy up to 20% commission
over the mobile usage of other WOW! members that they
referred. Qualified WOW! members will also be offered to
jointly manage WOW! Service Centers and WOW! Branches nationwide.

“Mobile operators in Malaysia spend hundreds of millions of
Ringgit for advertising and promotions in order to get subscribers.
At Tone Excel we employ an innovative way of advertising where
we get our WOW! community members to advertise by word of mouth.
By doing so we save on advertising costs and will use our budget
instead to continuously reward our members,”
said En Syed Kamaruzaman Shahabudin , Executive Chairman of Tone Excel.

“WOW! members can enjoy exciting mobile services provided by
Tune Talk at competitive rates and at the same time be rewarded
with cash to subsidise their mobile usage and many other benefits
such as travel vouchers,” Syed Kamaruzaman added.

Tone Excel is currently in negotiations with device manufacturers,
products, contents and service providers to further enhance the
WOW! Mobile Community programme.

To date WOW! has around 10,000 members with WOW! Service Centers
and WOW! Branches nationwide. Tone Excel targets to have 100,000
members by December 2010.

Operating as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on Celcom
(Malaysia) Berhad’s 2.5G network, Tune Talk offers a no-frills
voice and short messaging service (SMS) package that meets the
consumers’ demand for a simple, value-for-money product with
easy accessibility and widest distribution reach.

About Tone Excel
Tone Excel Sdn Bhd is a newly incorporated company,
in 2009, to venture into the mobile industry in Malaysia.
Tone Excel mission is to help every single individual to
achieve financial freedom through innovative marketing concept.
Tone Excel incorporates experiences and expertise from insurances,
network marketing and financial services to formulate new channels
and strategies, thus revenues.
Visit for more information.

About Tune Talk
Tune Talk Sdn. Bhd., the newest mobile operator in the country,
officially launched its commercial service on 19 August 2009.
Tune Talk operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)
riding on the extensive network of Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad.
Tune Talk targets to serve the underserved segment of the market
with super low calling rates and exciting incentives. Rolled out as
a prepaid service with the prefix "010", Tune Talk offers a no-frills
voice and short messaging service (SMS) package that meets the consumers'
demand for a simple, value-for-money product with easy accessibility
and widest distribution reach. Visit for more information.



NAME: Syahrul Azlan Shah
TEL :+6010 796 0899

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tune Talk - Tone Excel Opportunity

Make Your Mobile Phone The Biggest Asset

Never Heard About Tone Excel & TuneTalk?

Tone Excel Sdn. Bhd. is a newly formed company
in 2009 to participate in the mobile industry
Malaysia. Tone Excel mission is to help each individual
to achieve financial freedom from the shackles through
innovative marketing concepts. Tone Excel combines the experience
and expertise of insurance services,
network marketing and finance to formulate the channel
and new strategies, further dispelling the income.
Excel Tone led by Mr. Syed Kamaruzaman Shahabudin
Executive Chairman.

Tune Talk Sdn. Bhd., a new mobile operator in
this country, was officially launched commercial services
on August 19, 2009. Tune Talk to operate as a
Mobile Network Virtual Operator (MNVO) that utilize the network
Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad is widespread. Tune Talk has set a target
to serve the market segment that is still
not have access to a comprehensive call rates
The incentives are very low and very exciting. Released as
a prepaid service with the prefix 010/011, Tune Talk
offers a package of voice and short messaging service (SMS) without
additional services that can meet consumer demand for
a product that is easy and gives a monetary value to the access
tools and the broadest range of distribution.

What do they offer?

1)Free Personal Accidents Insurance worth RM 100,000 underwritten by Etiqa.
2)Collect Tune Talk points and redeem Air Asia tickets.
3)A chance to win free ticket from Air Asia.
4)Offer low rates call, IDD, and SMS.
5)Selfcare account that you can manage on your own to change your mobile number
and even your account history.
5)Membership of Tune Talk - Tone Excel WOW! Referral Program.

and more to come if you join us today.

What is WOW! Referral Program?

Tune Talk - Tone Excel WOW! Mobile Communities Program is a
joint program between Tone Excel Sdn. Bhd.. and Tune Talk Sdn. Bhd. This program
focus on the prepaid mobile services,
get members through referral program non-traditional channels
Introduced in April 2010.

Given the name of Tune Talk - Tone Excel WOW! Mobile Communities Program,
webtried to get members who will help promote and market
WOW! and obtain a good income through the program and earn
money as well as points.

To become a member of the Tune Talk - Tone Excel WOW program!, they only
need to buy a starter pack WOW! which is sold at RM70
each. It included with airtime worth RM38,
and personal accident insurance cover worth RM100, 000
underwritten by Etiqa.

Member of Tune Talk - Tone Excel WOW! will enjoy the
comission of the usage of mobile phone
by members of the WOW! registered under them. Members
WOW! who are eligible will also be offered to jointly manage
WOW! service centers, and branches of WOW! throughout the country.

The members of the Tune Talk - Tone Excel WOW! can enjoy an
exciting mobile services. Tune Talk offers competitive rates and on the same time
is the incentives paid in cash to subsidize the use of
their mobile and many other benefits such as travel vouchers.

Tone Excel is currently in negotiations with device manufacturers
and service providers, to enhance content and products,
the Tune Talk - Tone Excel WOW! referral program

Operating as a mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) with
utilizing a network of Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad, Tune Talk offers
package of voice and short messaging service (SMS) without the additional
service to meet consumer demand for a product that is easy and provides
monetary value with easy access and reach the widest distribution.

How it works?

First of all you should be a member of Tune Talk - Tone Excel WOW!
Referral Program. 12 years old and above are eligible to join, even
the blacklisted. You need an I/C or a passport and meet Tune Talk -
Tone Excel dealer to purchase the starter pack.

After you are registered as a member, you will be given a special member code.
With this special code, everytime you sponsor a friend to join Tune Talk -
Tone Excel WOW! Referral, you will be the introducer for your friend
and this code will be your referrence code.

There are 3 levels of comission that you will get.6%, 3%, 11%. The first
level of people we call them Merchant(6%).
The second level is Agent(3%) and the third is Customer(11%).

Imagine you introduce to 10 of your friends and family. These are your
Merchants.Then each of your Merchants introduce to another 10 people.
Then you will have 100 of Agents and each of your Agents introduce to 10
people, you will have 1000 customer. And what is your possible income?

Merchant (10) x Minimum usage (RM 40) x first level commision (6%) = RM 24
Agent (100) x Minimum usage (RM 40) x 2nd level commision (3%) = RM 120
C'mer (1000) x Minimum usage (RM 40) x 3rd level commision (11%) = RM 4400
Total income = RM 4544

RM 4544 is your possible income per month. If you have more people and even more
your friends reload, you will have more income. You will earn the commision
whenever and wherever they reload.That's so simple.

Grab this opportunity and starts earning today. Don't let your mobile phone became
a liability for you. Be a smart user.

Why You Should Join?

1)Benefits to yourself. Did you know that you have to pay RM 80 or more per month
for the same insurance policy? We give you for free. You just need to use
RM 40 per month. And that's for your own usage.
2)You can redeem Air Asia flight ticket using your Tune Talk points. You
can get physical items rather than free SMS or talktime that cost nothing for
the network provider. No BS.
3)Tune Talk is a strong mobile network virtual operator under Tune Group of
companies and Air Asia.
4)Large market in Malaysia. Did you know that 25 million user use prepaid in
Malaysia. That is almost 85% of user and its still counting. With strong and
brilliant product, it is easy to do the marketing.
5)Just like a franchise business. They do the marketing for you. Example,
they bringing in Justin Bieber and the priority to get the ticket is Tune Talk
6)For just RM70, you can started your own business and earn from it.
A business that i think do not have a risk at all. Don't you ever waste your
money on reload and phone bill. Be a smart user.

Join today. Everybody talk, everybody earn. Just as simple as that.

Yes i made up my mind, i want to change right now.

1)Click here and download the registration form.

2)You can make your payment to (RM 73 including transportation):-


Syahrul Azlan Shah

Acc No : 162414071438

3)Filled up the registration form with proof of payment,and your contact number and email to:-
send to this address:
TeleTune Resources
No 52, Lot 5636,
Jalan Sungai Kantan,
43000 Kajang,
4)You will be informed as soon as we received your form and your proof of payment.
5)Your form will be processed and we will delivered it back within 3 days.

Tune Talk Announced BlackBerry Mobile

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 26 (Bernama) Tune Talk Sdn
Bhd, which operates the prefix 010 for its prepaid cellular
service Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid, aims to hit RM250 million in
sales for its mobile pre-paid cards
this year, said Chief Executive Officer Jason Lo.
He said the company was confident of achieving its target
based on its current steady growth,
promotions, events and customers' growing recognition of the value
of its products.Last year, the company recorded RM50 million in
sales. The company, which is part of the Tune Group, expects to
bring in popular teenager pop singer Justin Bieber to the country
this year where it expects to promote its brand and products.He said the company
was also signing up with two to three shops every week which would exclusively
sell the Tune Talk pre-paid and sim cards.There are currently 50 such shops and
the company expects to increase it to 100 this year.The move is expected
to increase its sales significantly, Lo told Bernama at the 1Malaysia
Lion Dance event organised by Tune Talk in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese
New Year,here Wednesday .Lo said the company would be also spending more
than RM500,000 for its Chinese New Year road tour.The promotional
tours which started on January 20 and will end on January 29, would see special lion
dance performance by a leading lion dance troupe at 95 selected Tune Talk
dealers shops nationwide."The road tour is to appreciate and bless the
successful dealers for their great performance as part of the Tune Talk
big family," Lo said. Tune Talk will be made available for the
Blackberry mobile phone in the second quarter this year. BERNAMA

Sunday, January 23, 2011

TuneTalk - Tone Excel : WOW referral program

TuneTalk dan Tone Excel telah memperkenalkan WOW Referral Program.
Dengan berdaftar menjadi ahli iaitu sebanyak RM70; pendaftaran RM32 dan airtime RM38;
anda boleh menjana pendapatan sehingga puluhan ribu ringgit.

Selain faedah2 yang telah saya beritahu dalam post saya sebelum ini, kini anda boleh menjana pendapatan hanya dengan menggunakan TuneTalk dan mengajak rakan, keluarga anda untuk turut serta dalam WOW referral program ini.

Bagaimana ia berfungsi?

Seperti rajah di atas, anda akan mendapat 3 level komisyen iaitu level 1 ; 6%,level 2 ; 3%, dan level 3 ; 11%. Jika anda telah memperkenalkan wow referral program ini kepada sepuluh rakan anda iaitu level 1 dan kemudian 10 rakan anda ini, setiap seorangnya memperkenalkan kepada sepuluh rakan mereka lagi, telah menjadi 100 orang iaitu level 2, dan kemudiannya setiap seorang memperkenalkan kepada 10 orang rakan mereka. Level 3 ini anda akan mempunyai 1000 orang.

Untuk membuat pengiraan pendapatan anda ;-

Level 1 (10 orang x 6% x RM30 (purata topup sebulan) = RM 18

Level 2 (100 org x 3% x RM 30 ) = RM 90

Level 3 (1000 orgx 11%x RM 30 ) = RM 3,300

Total income (selagi org topup!!!) = RM 3,408 ++++

Fuhhh!!! Lumayan....

Anda hanya perlu menjadi ahli TuneTalk - ToneExcel ; WOW Referral Program ini dan memperkenalkannya kepada rakan serta keluarga anda. Setiap kali mereka top up tak kira di mana pun, anda akan menerima komisyen.

Bagaimana menjadi ahli??

1)Klik di bawah untuk mendapatkan Borang Pendaftaran.2)Anda boleh membuat bayaran RM 80 (termasuk kos penghantaran)melalui :-


Syahrul Azlan Shah

Acc No : 162414071438

3)Borang yang lengkap dan butiran pembayaran hendaklah di emailkan kepada :-

hantar ke alamat berikut:
TeleTune Resources
No 52, Lot 5636,
Jalan Sungai Kantan,
43000 Kajang,
4)Anda akan dimaklumkan melalui Sms / Email setelah borang dan pembayaran telah diterima.
5)Borang anda akan diproses dan SIM Kad anda akan sampai dalam masa 3 hari.

Apakah itu Tune Talk?

TuneTalk adalah rangkaian perkhidmatan pra-bayar yang terbaru di Malaysia dengan liputan di seluruh negara. TuneTalk bukan rangkaian biasa, tetapi perkhidmatan pra-bayar yang cukup luar biasa. TuneTalk bukan sahaja operator perkhidmatan anda malahan memberi anda faedah seperti :-

-()-memenangi satu daripada sepuluh eGift voucher dari Air Asia setiap hari
-()-percuma insuran peribadi daripada Etiqa bernilai RM 100,000
-()-menebus mata ganjaran top-up anda dengan tiket penerbangan Air Asia
-()-anda boleh memilih untuk menukar no telefon anda pada bila-bila mase, di rumah atau di mana sahaja, menggunakan SIM yang sama, tanpa sebarang caj dikenakan.
-()-kadar sama rata terendah ke semua rangkaian bila-bila masa.
-()-dan banyak lagi